This is a collection of House Rules to try and make dream scenes work better through crossover and all. This will be added to over time.

Lucid DreamingEdit

Lucid Dreaming is now a 1 or 2 dot merit. The 2 dot merit is based on the one in the Changeling book. The 1 dot merit replaces the old 'Lucid Dreamer' merit from Second Sight, and instead works similarly to the 2 dot but doesn't allow actual Dream Manipulation, it just causes the dream to be aware, to calculate their stats like a Lucid Dreamer or Fae, and to be able to attack and defend via personal Oneiromachy.

In addition, the merit adds an effective 'Wyrd' rating to the person that takes it, for the sake of Oneiromancy/Oneiromachy only, either equal to the merit rating or the Power Stat of the character, depending if it's a mortal or full supernatural. For those that are innately Lucid Dreamers (Cambions), they are treated as effectively having the 2 dot merit for the sake of this Wyrd rating.

Second SightEdit

Psychics with Dream Travel no longer do 'phantom damage', but instead do and take Willpower damage like other Dream Travellers. Thaumaturges with Dream Travel use all of their normal stats and take/recieve Willpower damage, but also add 3 to their attacks as an equipment bonus. The merit rating of the utilized power is their effective Wyrd for things like certain FS: Dream Combat maneuvers.


Vampires with Auspex 4, Psychics with Telepathy, and possibly those with other Telepathic abilities (ST discretion) can use them to 'piggy back' on a mage using Astral Travel, and can follow them through the Oneiros, but not past that, as described in Astral Realms.