House rules will be updated as needed. I'll try to keep track of anything that comes up in game here too. Only rulings that affect PCs are posted here.

House RulesEdit

Auras Edit

  • Vampires and Werewolves can sense each other as easily as they can sense their own kind, but can tell the difference between themselves and other predators. This doesn't mean they know specifics, if inexperienced.
  • Vampires, Werewolves, and Mages can use their own auras (Predatory, Hunter's Aspect, Nimbus) to defend against each other's, as mentioned, and used any time a specific kind could interrupt or defend against something (Awe, for instance).

Vampire Edit

  • If you have access to Blood Sacraments: S&B, you may use the ritual factors tables to adjust target successes for Blood Sorcery rituals. Themes are NOT in use, JUST the ritual factors.

Werewolf Edit

  • Supernatural "Pack members" can take a single dot of Totem to contribute to the Pack Totem, like Wolf-Blooded characters.

Changeling Edit

  • Changelings can create Oaths with other fully supernatural creatures (those with a Supernatural Tolerance). The effects tend to vary from what they'd allow for with another Fae, and the characters have little say in the end benefit.