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Pacts and PledgesEdit

I eventually plan to expand on the Pacts in Summoners and Inferno, and Pledges from Changeling with regards to True Fae or certain potent Hobgoblins, so that they're universally useable to all splats (on the recieving end, to be clear) and clear. Until then, here's a few guidelines towards their use:

  • Anyone can make a Pact, if they have a way to contact a being who can fuel one. Anyone can research a way to get ahold of a demon, Second Sighters can try calling spirits or ghosts with the right rituals, mages can contact a variety of beings, some vampires might be able to develop special rituals to contact things (via Cruac or other mystic disciplines, or special devotions), Werewolves can summon spirits and sometimes other beings, Sin-Eaters have ways to find Cthonians, Changeling have ways to get ahold of or find Fae, etc.
  • For a Demon from the Inferno book, use that pact system, but note that these are more apt to go wrong. For Spirits, Astral Denizens/Incubi, Supernal Beings (mage only), Cthnonians and other Underworld beings, Abyssal Entities, and similar, use the Summoners system. For Fae, use pledges, but True Fae and certain Hobgoblins (powerful ones) can use some of the aspects from Summoners, such as granting powers, and they treat any PC as a 'mortal' for the purpose of blessings.
  • 4 dot aspects for Summoners Pacts will NOT be something you can get by stacking lower ratings. You'll need something akin to a storyline or a permanent crippling of some sort to get them, and they should be IMPORTANT.
  • Use whatever type of PC is summoning an entity as the basis for what powers are granted with Contracts (Summoners). That is, if a Werewolf is summoning a spirit, it will either grant them gifts or compare the power level to other Gifts as the basis for the dot rating, rather than using Arcanum. A mortal (or unaligned half template) should stick to the default "Arcana" basis, as it's the most universal. A half template connected to a supernatural type (like a ghoul) should use that supernatural type as a basis.